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    Digital solutions for your human resources needs.

    tisoware.HR helps you optimise your organization’s time & attendance, staff scheduling and HR processes. Our digital HR solutions improve efficiency in your human resources department, making you more attractive as an employer and more successful as a company.

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    35 years of expertise in HR and more than 2500 customers.


    Flexible, modular solutions offering full scalability.


    HR dashboards for more transparency and efficiency.


    Digital time & attendance recording – whether mobile, stationary or in the cloud.


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    Time & Attendance

    Whether stationary, mobile or in the cloud, tisoware.ZEIT lets you record, plan and graphically evaluate your working hours reliably in electronic form – in the office, at home or while away on business. Digital HR processes lead to noticeably lower costs and improved transparency.


    Data Collection Folders

    tisoware.ZEIT plus lets you record your HR data efficiently and in a customised way. You are also more flexible when it comes to creating evaluations of HR master data and you can track any changes to master or transaction data. Higher productivity and easier traceability are guaranteed.

    Data Collection Folders

    tisoware.ZEITplus lets you record your HR data efficiently and in a customised way. You are also more flexible when it comes to creating evaluations of HR master data and you can track any changes to master or transaction data. Higher productivity and easier traceability are guaranteed.


    Time Tracking via App

    The new tisoware.APP HR lets you enter your working times on a mobile device, on a terminal or in the cloud, enabling digital HR processes. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices and records the working times and breaks in real time and in encrypted form.


    Staff Scheduling

    tisoware.PEP provides a clear and simple way to display flexible time and shift models as well as absences. You can plan your staffing requirements electronically and take account of individual preferences, and you always have the right people in the right place at the right time.


    Project Controlling

    Our tisoware.PROJEKT module provides a quick and easy way to enter project data electronically – either as it arises or later at your convenience – evaluate it and create an accurate final costing. It is also ideal for customer billing and helps make your organisation more successful.



    Recurring HR processes can be digitised with tisoware.WORKFLOW according to your requirements. Electronic holiday or travel expense requests simplify your internal processes and you profit from more transparency and efficiency.


    Workflow Integration with Microsoft Outlook

    Planned absences can be automatically transferred from tisoware to MS-Outlook thanks to tisoware.WORKFLOWplus. Your calendar of events is always up to date, both in tisoware and in MS-Outlook, and your human resources department is more productive as a result.


    Expense Management

    You can record, evaluate and bill all relevant trip data electronically using tisoware.SPESEN. That saves a lot of time not only in your HR department but also for your management and individual employees.


    Canteen Management

    tisoware.KANT, our canteen management module, supports your canteen’s purchasing activities and simplifies food orders as well as cashless payments. That relieves the burden on your HR department in administration and your canteen team can plan in a more cost-oriented and efficient way.


    Employee Portal

    tisoware.WEB is perfect for managing your current HR processes. For instance, you can record working hours quickly – whether in the office or at home – control workflow processes or customise the HR dashboard according to your individual requirements.


    Mobile Solutions

    Thanks to tisoware.WEBmobile, you can access all your organisation’s critical HR processes on your smartphone or tablet while on the move. For example, hours worked – whether from home or while away on business – can be recorded and managed quickly and easily, and evaluated electronically.

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    Electronic Activity Management

    tisoware.AKTE HR, our Activity Manager, helps you gain clearer insights into your workforce and keep a closer watch on important dates, deadlines or documents. Your HR department saves valuable time and transparency is noticeably improved.  



    It’s as simple as that these days. Our tisoware.DASHBOARD module lets you configure your HR data – such as workflow activities or time accounts and statistics – individually according to your needs and visualise them graphically in the dashboard. Your team profits from a better overview.


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