Introducing Tisoware's Efficient Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

    tisoware.MES - Die Digitale Lösungen für Ihre Fertigung und Produktion



    Digital solutions for your manufacturing and production needs.

    In combination with your business software, our tisoware.MES solution helps you optimise your manufacturing processes: we offer you an integrated system with numerous dashboards and indicators. That reduces the burden on your staff and leaves you more time to devote to essential tasks in manufacturing and production. tisoware makes your organisation more successful.


    Smart factory written on red.

    tisoware’s machine data collection module analyses and monitors machine data in real time. Learn more.

    Benefits for you.

    Optimised manufacturing and production processes.
    Langjährige Expertise mit der Manufacturing Execution System-Lösung

    Many years of expertise with specific solutions for industry.


    Full traceability and evaluations conforming to VDMA 66412.


    Event management and optimised maintenance.


    Digital shop floor and target-actual comparison at the touch of a button.



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    tisoware.MES at a glance.

     Integrated, digital manufacturing execution solutions for your organisation.




    Shop floor data analysis e.g. OEE indicators, KPIs and stoppage trends at the touch of a button.


    Shop floor data collection optimises your production processes as the basis for successful controlling



    Machine data collection analyses and monitors machine data in real time.



    Detailed planning control station reduces manufacturing and production costs and improves delivery reliability.



    Data collection terminal for more productivity and success in manufacturing and production shops.


    Orders, times and information, digitally recorded and controlled on your shop floor.



    Documents flexibly connected thanks to the integration with DMS systems.


    tisoware.APP MES

    ... you can easily digitize and analyze production data via smartphone, tablet or PC.

    tisoware.MES in detail.

    Smart factory written on red.

    Shop Floor Data Collection

    tisoware.BDE, our shop floor data collection module, helps you collect and evaluate all relevant shop floor data electronically as the starting point for continuous improvements and a sustainable increase in production efficiency.

    Shop Floor Data Analysis

    tisoware.BDEplus supplies you with indicators as per VDMA 66412 – for example, OEE indicators, set-up time analyses or stoppage trends – to support your shop floor data analyses. Critical manufacturing processes can be proactively monitored with the aid of an event manager. A great way to make your organisation more successful!

    Machine Data Collection

    tisoware.MDE gives you a 360° overview of your production shop – from recording in real time to the visualisation of machine data. The compatibility with standards such as OPC, REST or MQTT means almost any kind of machine or equipment can be integrated from any manufacturer.

    Detailed Planning Control Station

    tisoware.BDEplan, our digital detailed planning module, lets you plan and control your customer orders, workstation resources and available, qualified personnel. That way, you can optimise your manufacturing and production processes, reduce your lead times and improve your delivery reliability.

    Mobile and stationary MES via APP

    With the tisoware.APP MES, you can easily digitize and analyze production data via smartphone, tablet or PC. Find out immediately which order is being processed by which employee at which workstation with which quantities. This real-time information enables you to optimize your manufacturing processes and make them more efficient.

    Project Controlling

    Our tisoware.PROJEKT module provides a quick and easy way to enter project data electronically – either as it arises or later at your convenience – evaluate it and create an accurate final costing. It is also ideal for customer billing and helps make your organisation more successful.

    Data Collection

    Thanks to tisoware.ET, you can enter all company information quickly, easily and reliably using a touch screen, keyboard or hand-held scanner. tisoware.ET also integrates a shop floor management system, a transparent real-time view and a system of indicators with an ERP integration.

    Multi-Function Terminal

    Designed for rugged environments, tisoware.IPC is a robust and reliable industrial PC which serves as an information and multi-function terminal for time & attendance as well as shop floor & machine data collection. Our multi-function terminal is not only durable but also easy to use.


    Our tisoware.DMS-Connector module helps you provide electronic documents faster and more easily for manufacturing and production. Thanks to the flexible integration with a variety of DMS systems, these documents can be accessed directly.

    Ihre Vorteile.

    So optimieren Sie Ihre Fertigung und Produktion.

    Langjährige Expertise mit spezifischen Lösungen für die Industrie.


    Lückenlose Rückverfolgbarkeit und Auswertungen gemäß VDMA 66412.


    Ereignismanagement und optimierte Instandhaltung.


    Digitaler Shopfloor und Soll-Ist-Vergleich auf Knopfdruck.


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