Shop floor data collection – tisoware.BDE.
What tisoware.BDE can do for your company.

tisoware.BDE is a module for shop floor data collection which gives you more transparency in your production shop by collecting and evaluating detailed information. It provides comprehensive, integrated functionality for processing and evaluating all information available on production processes at your company. Maximum productivity is guaranteed because you can optimise your production processes continuously and monitor them in real time as a way to identify potential for optimisation. If the actual values deviate from the specified values, you can spot the discrepancies easily. Your costs are noticeably lower and optimal use is made of your production times.

Benefits for you:

∙ Increased competitiveness
∙ Increased efficiency
∙ Higher productivity
∙ Performance data in real time
∙ Easy integration
∙ Secure investment
∙ More transparency
∙ Visualization and alarming

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