Key plan.
What tisoware.SCHLIESSPLAN can do for your company.

Improved security
tisoware.SCHLIESSPLAN enhances your company's access control system with another important element. The clear presentation of all key system components and the ability to evaluate complex key plans guarantee you maximum security.

Cost saving
An investment in our tisoware.SCHLIESSPLAN module pays off in the long term because in combination with tisoware.ZUTRITT it provides you with an efficient and reliable access control system. We don't need to remind you that unauthorised access can result in substantial damage and costs.

More transparency
tisoware.SCHLIESSPLAN makes key system management information more transparent by visualising it in tables and graphics.

Secure investment
tisoware.SCHLIESSPLAN is an advanced software solution that is the outcome of over 30 years of experience in time management and access control – and a good investment in security at your company.

Shorter learning curve
tisoware.SCHLIESSPLAN is easy to use. After only brief initial training, your security officer can control all authorisations quickly, flexibly and easily from any PC.

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