Security control station.
What tisoware.ZUTRITTvisual can do for your company.

Improved security
tisoware.ZUTRITTvisual lets you keep a close watch on each and every corner of your premises. You can rest assured that all unauthorised access attempts will be registered and documented by the CCTV cameras.

Cost saving
Invest in an efficient access control system at your company before any damage or costs are incurred. You can be secure in the knowledge that it's an investment that soon pays off!

More transparency
tisoware.ZUTRITTvisual, our security control station, keeps you in the picture at all times: your premises, building structure, floor or site plans and all terminals are clearly presented. Fixed CCTV cameras supply video sequences that allow you to observe and evaluate critical events like alarms.

Secure investment
tisoware.ZUTRITTvisual is an advanced, web based solution that is the outcome of over 30 years of experience in time management and access control – and a good investment in security at your company.

Quick reactions
If an alarm is activated, you can react instantly and take any necessary action.

Shorter learning curve
Thanks to the clearly structured, browser based GUI, using the security control station is child's play. The latest generation in programming technology speeds up your work significantly. Access to the web could not be more convenient.




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