Machine data collection.
What tisoware.MDE can do for your company.

Increased competitiveness
To stay competitive and maintain your ability to take sound decisions in the global market, you must have recourse to transparent machine data. This information is recorded by the machine directly via tisoware.MDE and then transferred to tisoware. tisoware.BDE plus gives you all relevant machine and order data, plus various business indicators for controlling purposes, as a graphic.

Increased efficiency
An investment in tisoware.MDE soon pays off. The fact that machine data is entered directly means machine and order data evaluations are available immediately. The burden on your staff is reduced and you have more time to devote to essential tasks in production.

More transparency
tisoware.MDE supplies you with machine data in real time, for example running times, downtimes, the number of cycles, temperatures and reasons for stoppages. Through tisoware.BDE you also have access to various business indicators for controlling purposes.

Easy integration
tisoware.MDE is a key component of the tisoware.MES package, our powerful manufacturing execution system. This package also comprises the tisoware.BDE (shop floor data collection) and tisoware.BDE plus (shop floor data visualisation) modules. Together with the employee data supplied by tisoware.PEP, this adds up to a complete, holistic solution.

Secure investment
tisoware.MDE is the outcome of over 30 years of experience in time management for small and medium-sized manufacturing companies. The use of standard databases from leading global vendors provides maximum security for your data and hence your investment. More than 2500 customers trust in our experience. With tisoware you profit from a future-proof, upgradable investment.