Canteen management.
tisoware.KANT gives you maximum flexibility.

Motivated staff
tisoware.KANT benefits everyone involved – from your head chef and kitchen assistants to diners and administrative personnel. The chef can plan materials and staffing requirements in good time while your employees can choose and order their meals at their convenience. If they wish, they can even do so in the comfort of their own home. A visit to the canteen becomes a highlight to look forward to!

Improved image
tisoware.KANT helps make your canteen more attractive and improve your company's image – after all, everyone enjoys eating at a location that moves with the times!

Lower costs
An investment in tisoware.KANT soon pays off. Your chef can plan materials and staffing requirements in a more cost-efficient way because all food ordered is precisely documented. Time-consuming payments with luncheon vouchers are a thing of the past.

Increased competitiveness
If your canteen has to compete with a professional catering service at a large firm – or even if you are simply looking to simplify your canteen's logistical and administrative workflows – tisoware.KANT helps company chefs keep a close watch on the costs while planning the menus for the week and generally run their kitchen more efficiently.

Easy integration
tisoware.KANT can be integrated into your existing system without any problems and expanded at any time.

Secure investment
tisoware.KANT is an advanced application software that is the outcome of over 30 years of experience in time management. The use of standard databases provides maximum security for your data and hence your investment. With tisoware you profit from a future-proof, upgradable investment with a partner you can rely on.

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