Shop floor data collection – tisoware.BDE.
What tisoware.BDE can do for your company.

Increased competitiveness
To stay competitive and maintain your ability to take sound decisions in the European market, you must have recourse to transparent production data. tisoware.BDE provides comprehensive, integrated functionality for processing and evaluating all information available on production processes at your company.

Increased efficiency
An investment in tisoware.BDE soon pays off. Much less valuable time is wasted entering, processing and evaluating order data manually and the overall burden on your staff is reduced.

Higher productivity
tisoware.BDE guarantees you maximum productivity because you can optimise your production processes continuously. If the actual values deviate from the specified values, you can spot the discrepancies easily and undertake a final costing at any stage in the production process. Your costs are noticeably lower
and optimal use is made of your production times.

Easy integration
tisoware.BASIS (tisoware's base module) and tisoware.ZEIT (our time & attendance module) lay the foundation for a software solution that is easy to integrate and can be expanded or upgraded in a modular fashion at any time.

Secure investment
tisoware.BDE is an advanced client-server solution that is the outcome of over 30 years of experience in time management. The use of standard databases provides maximum security for your data and hence your investment. With tisoware you profit from a future-proof, upgradable investment.

More transparency
tisoware.BDE keeps you optimally informed about your company's productivity, e.g. your current cost structure, production status or ability to deliver.

    Production monitor
  Production monitor
  Evaluation / stoppages
  Evaluation / stoppages
  Evaluation / OEE metrics
  Evaluation / OEE metrics